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Frankfurt / Main airport 116 km, Koln / Cologne / Bonn airport 167 km, Dusseldorf / Dsseldorf airport 226 km, Dortmund airport 268 km, Stuttgart airport 272 km, Nurnberg / Nuremberg airport 339 km, Erfurt / Bindersleben airport 366 km, Munchen / Munich airport 491 km, Leipzig / Halle / Schkeuditz-Kursdorf airport 494 km, Hannover / Hanover airport 495 km, Dresden airport 575 km, Hamburg airport 595 km, Berlin Schonefeld / Schnefeld airport 654 km, Berlin Tegel airport 654 km, Luxembourg airport 97 km, Strasbourg airport 191 km, Basel airport 320 km, Zrich airport 403 km, Amsterdam airport 431 km, Paris airport 443 km, Hesse Hessen.Assmannshausen 3 km, Rudesheim 5 km, Bingen (with car ferry)10 km Lorch 12 km, Oestrich-Winkel 14 km, Bacharach 15 km, Oberwesel 22 km, Eltville 22 km, Lorelei rock 26 km, Bad Kreuznach 28 km, St. Goar with Rheinfels castle 28 km, Wiesbaden 35 km, Bad Schwalbach in the Taunus mountains 36 km, Mainz 39 km, Boppard 42 km, Russelsheim 49 km, Frankfurt Main airport 56 km, Koblenz Coblence 63 km, Hahn airport in the Hunsruck mountains 70 km, Worms 72 km, Darmstadt 75 km, Kaiserslautern in the Palatinate 91 km, Ludwigshafen 92 km, Mannheim 95 km, Heidelberg 127 km, Trier 134 km, Cologne Koln Bonn airport 158 km, Luxembourg airport 170 km, Dusseldorf airport 218 km, Strasbourg airport 223 km, Stuttgart airport 237 km, Nurnberg Nuremberg airport 280 km, Zurich airport 420 km, Amsterdam airport 420 km, Munchen Munich airport 447 km.Nonsmoking - Canopy bed holiday apartment Wilhelm Hermann Book a cheap, private vacation apartment in Oberwesel on the Rhine River. Upon request, jugglers and musicians for a knights meal and your wedding or birthday party. Goarshausen 11 km, Braubach 15 km, Lahnstein on Rhine river 18 km, Rudesheim on Rhine river 43 km, Wiesbaden on Rhine river 70 km, Koln / Cologne / Bonn airport 127 km, Dusseldorf / Dsseldorf airport 185 km, Stuttgart airport 256 km, Nurnberg / Nuremberg airport 314 km, Erfurt / Bindersleben airport 321 km, Hannover / Hanover airport 418 km, Munchen / Munich airport 481 km, Dresden airport 533 km Hamburg airport 554 km, Luxembourg airport 197 km, Strasbourg airport 229 km, Basel airport 371 km, Amsterdam airport 373 km, Paris airport 543 km Rhine River Lights: half day boat cruises, firework displays Discover Germany with half day Rhein Valley cruise trips, wine festival and fireworks between Cologne, Koblenz Coblence, Boppard, St. Air line distance about 630 meters from the castle Schonburg Castle Hotel Liebenstein, above Kamp-Bornhofen All double bedrooms with view towards the Rhine river, suite, tower restaurant, terrace with view towards the Rhine valley.Castle hotel Taunus near Wiesbaden on the Rhine river and Frankfurt on the Main river.In the castle 657-kret are the restaurant as well as 3 junior suites and and one single bedroom.Rhine-River-Lights boat cruises with music, dance and fireworks.Several romantic boat cruises on the middle Rhine River, including firework and visit of a wine festival or a winery festival offers the organiser Germany-Travel-Net of the event serial Rhine River Lights "Other than similar organisers, we have strictly limited the number of the boats", says the manager of Germany-Travel-Net Wilhelm Hermann.

Gallen Winterthur Vaduz Titisee Black Forest Baden-Wuerttemberg Southcentral Germany romantic hotel Lake Constance Bodensee Germany Uberlingen map spa Radolfzell vacation package Friedrichshafen airport Meersburg wellness Baden-Wurttemberg Bregenz Lindau tip Switzerland sauna island Mainau Reichenau picture water guest rooms sport train station road car ferry."Because of that, virtually all guests are in the 'front row' during the fireworks According to the information of Germany-Travel-Net, one or two fireworks are planned for the Rhine-River-Lights boat cruises.In order to bring success to the Rhine-River-Lights boat cruises, Germany-Travel-Net does not just focus on pyrotechnical spectacles.The using of the hotel own sauna is for hotel-guests free. Castle hotel Palatinate near Rhine River and Heidelberg, Palatinate, Pfalz, South Wine Road, South west Germany, Edenkoben 2 km, Landau 9 km, Neustadt on the Wine Road 12 km, Speyer on the Rhine River 29 km, Alsace, France 32 km, Ludwigshafen 38 km, Mannheim 41 km, Karlsruhe 43 km, Kaiserslautern 51 km, Pirmasens 52 km, Worms 56 km, Heidelberg on the Neckar River 64 km, Stuttgart airport 80 km, Frankfurt Main airport 100 km Castle hotel Neckar-Alb Neckar River valley, Schwarzwald, Swabia, Baden Wurttemberg, Black Forest, South Germany, Starzach 5 km, train station Eutingen in the Gau, 6 km, ICE-Train Station Horb Neckar River Horb 11 km, Rottenburg (not Rothenburg!) 13 km, Haigerloch 14 km, Hechingen with Hohenzollern castle 27 km, Herrenberg 28 km, Tubingen 28 km, Balingen 30 km, Freudenstadt in the Black Forest 34 km, Reutlingen 41 km, Rottweil 52 km, Stuttgart airport 59 km, Villingen-Schwenningen 67 km, Baden-Baden 97 km, Titisee-Neustadt in the Black Forest 101 km, Strassburg Strasbourg airport 113 km, Uberlingen near Lake Constance 126 km, Konstanz 129 km, Freiburg in the Breisgau 136 km, Friedrichshafen airport 153 km, Zurich airport 168 km, Basel airport 186 km, Frankfurt Main airport 238 km, Nurnberg Nuremberg airport 268 km, Munchen Munich airport 278 km, Cologne Koln Bonn airport 395 km, Dusseldorf airport 453 km castle palace hotel Kocher-Neckar Rivers Swabia Baden-Wurttemberg, South Germany, 445 years old Palace, Kocher river 80 m, near Neckar River valley 1 km, Railway station 2 km, Neckarsulm 5 km, Bad Wimpfen 6 km, Gundelsheim 11 km, Bad Rappenau 11 km, Heilbronn 12 km, Weinsberg 12 km, Burg Guttenberg 13 km, Hassmersheim 14 km, Neckarzimmern 16 km, Mosbach 22 km, Jagsthausen 30 km, Sinsheim 31 km, Ludwigsburg 47 km, Schwabisch Hall 56 km, Stuttgart 66 km, Bad Mergentheim 64 km, Heidelberg 65 km, Crailsheim 78 km, Mannheim 76 km, Stuttgart airport 82 km, Karlsruhe 86 km, Wurzburg 97 km, Rothenburg o. Tauber River 110 km, Frankfurt / Main airport 149 km, Nurnberg / Nuremberg 168 km, Strasbourg airport 173 km, Nurnberg / Nuremberg airport 177 km, Augsburg 228 km, Black forest, Zrich airport 276 km, Basel airport 285 km, Luxembourg airport 301 km, Munchen / Munich airport 304 km, Koln / Cologne / Bonn airport 306 km, Erfurt / Bindersleben airport 362 km, Dusseldorf / Dsseldorf airport 364 km, Dortmund airport 376 km, Leipzig / Halle / Schkeuditz-Kursdorf airport 430 km, Hannover / Hanover airport 473 km, Dresden airport 473 km, Amsterdam airport 568 km, Berlin Schonefeld / Schnefeld airport 594 km, Berlin Tegel airport 594 km, Paris airport 594 km, Hamburg airport 610 km Castle hotel Black Forest Schwarzwald - near Freiburg, Baden-Wurttemberg, South west Germany.

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