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The lord of the castle makes an agreement with Gawain that each day he himself will hunt in the fields and Gawain in the castle; at the end of the day they will exchange spoils. Fitt 3: For three consecutive days, the lord hunts and Gawain, famous for his skill and prowess in love, is amorously approached by the beautiful lady of the castle, who gives him one kiss the first day, two on the second, and on the third day three kisses, and a girdle which has magic properties that will save his life. Macarro went back to Alcalá de Henares, where he became Secretary-General of the JSU. During the bombing of Alcalá by the Condor Legion, in 1937, his father died.Not until he had turned 18, in 1938, he could join the army.Most modern critics regard the four poems in the manuscript as the work of a single poet; but as far as the interpretation of this poem is concerned, the question of single authorship is largely irrelevant, so different is its subject from the three doctrinal pieces. Fitt 1: Arthur and his court are seated at a New Year's feast in Camelot waiting for a marvel when a huge green man enters, bearing an axe and a holly bough. The elegance of the construction of the narrative, as well as the vivid language of the poem, are universally admired, and this is agreed to be one of the greatest poems in Middle English. Interpretation of its somewhat enigmatic raison d'être has been more varying; Speirs stressed its connection with some unexpressed archetypal story of seasons and vegetation; John Burrow concentrates on the moral seriousness underlying its colourful romantic exterior; modern critics, such as E.

As he was under aged, he was forced to leave the Battlefield.In 1941, he was condemned to death for the murder of three citizens, the priest Marcial Plaza Delgado (23rd July 1936), the postman and activist of Popular Action Amadeo Martín Acuña, and the citizen Agustín Rosado (3rd September 1936).He was convicted too for his participations in desecrations. In his memoirs, he pointed out: En mi caso personal quedé impresionado y perplejo por las acusaciones del fiscal.X which is also the sole manuscript of *Pearl, *Patience, and *Cleanness. The poem is in 2,530 lines in long-lined alliterative stanzas of varying length, each ending with a *'bob and wheel'.

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Wilson, see it in relation to the other Christian poems in the manuscript.

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