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If there is any threat to the person's health, the attacker will face criminal charges.

The administrative offence for first-time physical assaults envisages a fine of up to 30,000 rubles (7), an arrest up to 15 days or compulsory community service up to 120 hours.

An abuser who inflict serious bodily harm will still face criminal charges.

Even a repeat offender who does not inflict serious harm may be put away for three months.

"In our society, sexual harassment is widely misunderstood.

It's largely mistaken for flirting and compliments," she told CBC News.

These men we call sexual "predators," most of whom are not raping women but are, in effect, sexually propositioning them, would not be successful if there were fewer women willing to participate in such a way that allows the men to think their advances are welcome.

A common thread among the men who've been accused is that, while they've apologized for being inappropriate, honestly they thought they were flirting with women who were flirting with them. I'm not referring to the Harvey Weinstein debacle, but to the torrent of subsequent harassment claims in which men who are guilty of egregious behavior are lumped in with men who flirt.

"The reaction was awful," she told CBC News in an interview."It's trendier to admit it," replied his friend to chortles of laughter from the others. Dmitry Kiselyov, the Kremlin-friendly host of a highly watched Sunday night talk show, recently suggested the parade of women coming forward with allegations against famous men represents "an explosive mix of political correctness" and "hypocrisy." At the same time, he asserted that Russia demonstrates the most "harmonious relations between the sexes." One of Russia's best-known film directors put the issue of sexual harassment another way."I actually think the whole world has been built on it," said Andrei Konchalovsky, director of Hollywood hits such as Runaway Train and Tango and Cash. "Thank God," he concluded, "we live in a country where political correctness has not reached the point of absurdity." If there's any absurdity, Alena Popova would argue it's that Russia lags decades behind Europe and North America with neanderthal-like views on sexual harassment.In January, when Russia passed a new law reducing the penalties men face for assaulting their wives or partners, Popova waged a one-woman crusade outside the Duma, or parliament, camping out in the freezing cold to try to stop the legislation. Now in Russia, a man found guilty of domestic violence usually gets off with a warning.It takes a second conviction to face any sort of jail time.

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If you put a bunch of men and women with this mentality together every single day, sparks are going to fly.

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