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Bob Walker, and I would be in regular contact with for him the next three or four months.The production had the backing of MGM/ United Artists and promised to have a major budget to work with. in the movie) using his home computer connected to an acoustic coupler and his telephone handset.This early version of the script had the story line placed in the future and seemed to depend more on fantasy and conjecture rather than technical reality.Our contact person for the film was Special Effects Supervisor Mike Fink.The auction item was aborted at the last minute due to shipping and security issues that couldn't be resolved.Agonizing as it is to part with such an iconic and inspirational part of computer and film history, it is a decision which is better left to me to deal with, as we are only temporary caretakers of our possessions.Being somewhat skeptical, I told Mc Mullen on the phone to send me a copy of the script and I'd get back to him.

Mike acquired an Electrohome 17" monitor because of it's readability at distance, a camera requirement.o, it's not jewel-encrusted or dressed in precious metals, and it doesn't even run a modern operating system.It is a singularly unique, one-of-a kind creation developed in the mid-1970's that significantly contributed to a new and encompassing digital technology that permeates our world's present environment in almost any way you can imagine..I believe that my contributions and support of the film's historical "mechanics" have significantly promoted the ongoing popularity of this uniquely inspirational icon of filmdom's depiction of technical capability and imagination. We established the company as an independent service organization for IMSAI computer products, floppy and hard disk repair, terminal, monitor service/sales, and other opportunities in the developing microcomputer market.In 1979, Nancy and I acquired the production rights, necessary fixtures and tooling to continue production of the legendary IMSAI line of computer products, now as a division of Fischer-Freitas Corporation.

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