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The gameplay is similar to other games in the series.

First of all the player gets to build Mulle's space rocket.

Mulle meck är en samlare, Mulle Meck samlar på apparater, manicker, mojänger, molijoxer samt grunkor eller föremål rent generellt, som han använder till sitt byggande.

He will then get to meet different people that have errands that he needs to do. Other things that can be done is study the constellations and to read a dictionary full of space facts.

Bygg Flygplan med Mulle Meck is the third game in the series featuring the children's book character Mulle Meck (known as Gary Gadget in the US).

There is a quick-way to warp to the home base without crashing from lack of fuel, by using a toolbox in a corner of the screen.

You can only keep one plane at a time, and need to scavenge it for parts if you want to build another.

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George Johansson fick sin inspiration att skriva om Mulle Meck av sin pappa.

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