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That lifestyle certainly isn’t without appeal, but it’s not one I’m in any hurry to sink into. My dating record reads like somebody trying to play some weird kind of continental bingo.

Of all the people I’ve dated in any meaningful way, only two have come from Australia. I’m not going to open myself up for hate mail by explaining why, but suffice to say I’ve had precious little luck meeting Australian girls who I felt any real chemistry with.

The government’s attempts to remedy Australia’s lagging internet development (pun intended) have proven to be a comedy of errors, with both major parties making a dog’s breakfast of things. For a guy who hates the drudgery of 9-5, Monday to Friday existence; Australia isn’t exactly paradise for me.

There’s nothing wrong with it, but you’ve got to admire the almost blind faith you see displayed by Americans in particular when it comes to being proud of their country. They wave the flag around and wear it like a superman cape while becrying a need to kick out ‘immigrants’ without being aware of the irony that their ancestors immigrated here.

They sport Southern Cross tattoos while shouting abuse at foreigners. The US and China are similar in size (both slightly larger) but the more even scattering of sizable cities means that there are international airports, high speed rail stations, and bus depots at far more regular intervals than you’ll find in Australia.

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