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Mac Willie, “if Jen Syme was there.” Sadly, she was. on April 2, Syme, who worked in the recording industry, lost control of her 1999 Jeep Cherokee on L.

Media reports as recent as 2015 still describe Kim Reeves as “battling leukemia” — as if there was a relapse — but it’s unclear to what extent that’s based on hard evidence.

That's right: John Wick is officially back for a third go-round. He’s standing there, and they hit him—that’s a stunt. I’ll shoot some guns, flip some people—and that’s action. It’s the intensity of just trying to do the best you can in the circumstances that you have.” readers their best suggestions for the sequel, and if any of these dream cast options end up in the film, expect one of the biggest, most badass action movies ever.

But after battling actors like Adrianne Palicki, Alfie Allen, Common, Laurence Fishburne, Ruby Rose, and countless unnamed bad guys in the first two films, Reeves needs some new blood (literally) for the cast of the sequel. So, yeah, I do as much action as I possibly can, because I love it—and I love the opportunity to bring the audience along. Here’s a look at who you think John Wick should battle in .

(1999), but, like many people irrespective of wealth and status, endured profound hardships along the way.

Unlike many people, however, Reeves’ personal tragedies have been compiled into a tearjerking Facebook video that was shared more than a half-million times within its first 72 hours of existence.

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’ That’s part of what makes [a great action film] a pressure cooker.

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