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It was a good life, with lots of praise, women and travel. He flunked out of the first and last art class, something that was a big relief at the time, but embarrassing today.

After four years of mixing education with rock band life, he still had not graduated.

The combined influence of mom and dad gave him the confidence to be creative and the discipline to do it pretty well.

Weeekly guitar lessons and daily practice with his brother, Rick, allowed them to get weekend gigs at high school dances, college frat parties, weddings and local nightclubs, making more money on a weekend than most of their friends made in a month.

Inside his skin, Siler has always been that - weird and reclusive, but covered it with a proper businessman shell for most of his adult life.

He loved to play the guitar when he wasn’t building or fixing something. She loved working in the R and D department of a major electronics company, eventually leaving with a couple colleagues to start their own company.

He traded out credit at the club for a new spa from a guy, who had just opened a spa dealership nearby.

Their spa sat beneath lots of trees and shrubs in the backyard, so they couldn’t keep it clean for more than a day.

Siler gave up music and art, started a family (four daughters) with Sandi and emersed himself in the invention business.

It was good to them financially, and helped (at least a little) to quench his creative thirst, but it never fully replaced his passion for painting.

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Inventing new products teaches one to focus on the utilitarian, practically a lot of “left-brain” stuff. His paintings can be totally non-utilitarian, completely impractical, even whimsical, very “right-brain” stuff.

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