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Cleveland pooh-poohed the idea the site was a strategy to extract a handsome price from the football team. The ownership group operates thousands of websites with all sorts of themes, and the direction of grew from research into what people searching for “cowboys” online were looking for. The division rival New York Giants, by the way, do own, and ditto for Washington and, however, owned by the Ginn Computer Company of Marmora, N.It could well be that “” has become too much of a threat to a threat to “them” and their friends, hence why the “The Pink Paper” has been so keen to pursuing this story whilst dismissing and ignoring other, more serious and relevant gay issues.Fellow gays, please inform your peers of this possible stitch-up, and use this knowledge to protect your dignity and your own reputation.To finally be able to serve these visitors needs is a great opportunity,” Mr. "As many states continue to pass gay marriage laws with the support of President Barack Obama, will be well positioned to take advantage of the continued growth in the gay dating sector." was acquired by a group of investors in October of 2007 after the Dallas Cowboys failed to complete their proposed acquisition of the domain name.

Monopolisation of the “Gay Dating Sector” provides a constant flow on revenue for a growing number of the alleged “Gay Mafia” – and the majority of them have proven some type of connection to either gay sex chat-lines, gay dating websites and the gay press.The National Football League’s Dallas Cowboys had a winning bid of 5,000 on the domain name back in 2007, but, according to the news release and a Domain Name News report, a mixup kept the deal from being completed. Previously, the site sold western apparel and rustic decorations.The site basically lay dormant for the last five years before emerging with its current theme.P address told us that it was posted from the offices of “QSoft Consulting” – the owners of Gaydar.Millivres Prowler Group also carried out some rather in-depth research last year with “Out Now Consulting”, these comments appeared in an marketing news blog: “This new UK gay market research report is a real groundbreaker,” said Ian Johnson, CEO of Out Now.

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