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The sexual identities associated with same sex sexual behaviour have been well delineated among men in India.These include (masculine, generally sexually insertive partners), and ‘double-deckers’ (both insertive and receptive partner) (Asthana and Oostvogels 2001; Boyce 2007).They received 450 INR (~.00 USD) as reimbursement for travel and time.Interviews were conducted by trained Humsafar research staff in a private space at the organisation.However, sexual incompatibility between married partners was also reported.Explanations of bisexual concurrency were discussed in terms of both sexual satisfaction and sexual preference.

These participants were part of a larger qualitative study with 20 married and 20 unmarried men who have sex with men (n=40).Participants discussed a variety of sexual practices and arrangements with female sex partners.Irrespective of marital status and sexual identity, many said that they had satisfying sexual experiences and feelings of affection for female sex partners.Study staff underwent training in research ethics and qualitative interviewing skills. The interview included questions on sexual history, condom use, and social sexual network characteristics.Qualitative interviews were audio recorded, reviewed for identifying information and transcribed verbatim. For this analysis, interview questions specific to female sexual partners included: (1) what types of sexual behaviours do you engage in with your female partners; (2) how do your sexual behaviours stay the same or change with different sex partners; (3) tell me about your condom use with women during sex; and (4) what are the biggest barriers for married men who have sex with men in terms of using condoms/having safe sex with their wives?

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