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Last week world leading cyborg developer Dr Sergi Santos told Daily Star Online of his plans to sell his “very human” sex robots in adult shops worldwide.

The scientist and academic, from Barcelona, said he struck a deal with a Chinese sex doll and robotics factory that will allow him to produce “a minimum of 50 a week”.

Dr Santos, who created a sex robot that “likes to be touched”, can only create prototypes from his home in Spain.

But with the help of Tian and his team, Dr Santos can create his sex robots on an industrial scale before dispatching them to X-rated shops across the world.

As waitstaff went table to table, whispering to customers to get out, Welch maneuvered into the restaurant's kitchen. He whipped open another door and found an employee bringing in fresh pizza dough.

As his sex robots go into production, Daily Star Online can exclusively reveal pictures from inside the Chinese factory where Dr Santos’ eerily "human-like" androids will be brought to life.

He knows where to get material to make everything industrial.“We have ideas for improving the sex robot design.“He knows some things, I know other things, but he has experience in the industrial process of producing dolls.“It's a very good Europe-China collaboration.” But Tian isn’t content with just producing submissive androids – he wants to change the world with sex cyborgs that play a part in “human life”.

Speaking of their partnership, Tian said: “I think this is a great thing, the emergence of each product will bring some changes in people's lives.“We really want to make some contribution to humans and the industry.“Sex robots are the inevitable trend of future development; the doll is not just for sex, she can do house work, chat with you and help you make friends.“With the support of Sergi, we want to bring sex robots into human life and allow them to become real family members.” Sex robots have faced a major backlash recently after a report raised concerns about their “dark side”.

Welch's arrest was the culmination of an election cycle dominated by fake news – and by attacks on the legitimate press.

Several media outlets quickly traced the contours of what became known as Pizzagate: The claim that Hillary Clinton was a pedophile started in a Facebook post, spread to Twitter and then went viral with the help of far-right platforms like Breitbart and Info-Wars.

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Daily Star Online has previously revealed how one of the world’s most advanced sex robots – Realbotix’s Harmony android – is set to hit the market at the end of 2017.

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