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When a child wishes to purchase the distributive shares of the other beneficiaries, the purchase may result in a property tax increase.

The author explains how a right of first refusal allows a child to acquire the entire property and still qualify the transfer for the parent-child exclusion.

Planning For Digital Assets in California, Now With Less Uncertainty!

California has recently enacted the Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act.

Intellectual Property and Estates: Where Creativity and Planning Intersect This article deals with copyrights, trademarks, patents and the right of publicity as they pertain to estate planning: what they are, what laws apply, and how they should be dealt with in an estate. How to Oust Occupants From Trust, Estate, or Conservatorship Real Property When an occupant refuses to relinquish possession of real property, the fiduciary’s attorney should examine whether to file an unlawful detainer, an 850 petition, or an action in ejectment.

Unlawful detainers can only be filed against “tenants,” but 850 petition or ejectment actions, or both, may be filed against any type of occupant.

From the Chair Effective August 1, 2015, new tax legislation imposes on executors a duty to provide basis information on beneficiaries and a duty of consistency on those beneficiaries for their income tax reporting of inherited assets.

An Overview of Nevada’s Beneficial Trust Laws: What Every California Practitioner Should Know Before Heading East By Julia S. Many California attorneys are being asked about planning options such as Dynasty Trusts or decanting, and have to look to other jurisdictions. This article provides a summary of Nevada’s laws that may be helpful to California attorneys and their clients.

RUFADAA provides guidance for California residents seeking to authorize disclosure of digital assets to fiduciaries.

This article, in turn, provides guidance to California estate planning attorneys as to the new law and how they can best assist their clients with planning for digital assets.

Explore situations in which you can do more of them.

From the Chair Parents frequently leave the family home or other real property to their children at death.

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