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“Safety guidelines exist for a good reason, but you need to view each date on a case-by-case basis, and don’t let paranoia rule your experience.” Remember, getting involved with someone online is no more dangerous than meeting them any other way, and you should take some basic precautions in any dating situation.

The benefits aren’t just your well-being, but increased comfort levels and confidence – qualities that always come in handy.

Regardless of where you met someone (online or in line at the bank), don’t accept an invitation to dinner at his or her place…nor should you be planning a wilderness hike as your first rendezvous.

If for any reason you sense a red flag — say, the person you’re communicating with gives you inconsistent information, falls in and out of communication, or makes inappropriate remarks — then you can (and should) put the brakes on.

The more you see these red flags, the more you are at risk.

Many of these red flags can apply to both unhealthy men and women.

Understand that none of these red flags alone are definitely a sign of a bad person.

They only tend to be an indicator of a problem situation.

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