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He walked down the runways of the nation's famous fashion brands including General Idea and Song Zio, and did cover shoots for several renowned fashion magazines such as GQ, Bazaar and Elle.

KARA's Hara (22) and model-turned-actor Lee Soo Hyuk (25), who previously dismissed dating rumors after being spotted shopping together in Japan back in July, had fans questioning their relationship status once again after Dispatch released new photos from another outing, in Korea this time.

Ball game played between two teams of eleven players on an oval. P know each other and have formed a club, how did it happen? You don't know doesn't mean she doesn't have close girlfriends.

American psychologist and writer known for advocating the exploration of the therapeutic potential of. Posted 28 October - I can't take this, if it's true: Cl and lee soo hyuk show their friendship for style log.

Lee Soo Hyuk's agency Sidus HQ stated, "It's really funny, actually. just dont like if it hara she's definitely a korean version of Taylor Swift. the next thing u know she would have a scandal with Psy.

It's embarrassing to even explain ourselves this time. and dont give me all the excuses like this is just her second one. Taylor Swift started with a first and second too kay?

"There's a first time for everything." These are things that haunt the histories of most civilizations: war, famine, and strife. Since their beginning, the founding families knew they wanted to avoid the troubles they were trying to escape in the old lands. Lords, Ladies, advisors, one King and Queen would all gather to discuss the new laws of this new found home.

You have the wrong guy." Daesung's brows lifted slightly, his tone no less condescending. This is Heaven." Seunghyun lifted a brow of his own, tossing his driver's license over to the Angel.

I do agree with you that there are some similarities between him and lee soo hyuk, but for me, I see it as a small similarity. You have humble charisma that touches hearts - your audience fall in love with you! Just finished watching Neighborhood Hero (Local Hero). You are such an easy talent and comfortable performer! They really look similar..if there are any writers out there or casting directors, I'd seriously think about doing something w/these two in it a can't lose combination. Now it is the time for him to lead films and dramas and not be second lead since he earned it already... I really hope in his next drama he can be the main lead. this actor seems to be good in all of those besides being a very handsome good looking guy. i sick watching him hurting......anymore...jeabal.. make him the lead actor this ji hyo.a melodrama, romance genre. Everytime when i see him i think he is a Vampire a sexy cute and charismatik vampire :) i wish to see you more in dramas but pls take the girls everytime when they chose the other one i hate them so much taa dappun saram -.- ,i hate it to see you sad but i think that emotion on your face is the reason- that i like you be Happy Fighting ♡ hi Mr. I am a big fan, I love to watch Valid Love because of you. But now i starting loving you because of your acting and your cute personality X) known you for the first time in valid love and fell in love with you ,ur acting the way you talk and even when you are angry and your voice is wow...gonna stalk u form now and watch all your movies..sarangeh To be honest this drama confuses me a lot because I will always get shocked due to certain things I didn't notice or pay much attention to, however I can say that I love watching u in "Valid Love" because your appearance is just so amazing that it troubled me to know that a certain guy like you is alive. I wish he at least speak Japanese because then he should play Saitou from Hakuouki, if Hakuoki were to ever get a live action and if he spoke Japanese. He reminds me of Kim Jae-Wook who I would say is very similar in their, how should I put this..... Kim Jae-Wook has a very sophisticated, honorable, classy gentlemanly look about him. I look forward to seeing him in more projects in the future :) Lee Soo-Hyuk, You were GREAT in "Don't Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus". Jiyong Kwon has made it his life's work to redeem the souls of filthy homosexuals the only way he knows how. Homophobic language used to portray a homophobic character. As she ventures on with her studies in architecture, she discovers that her already faulty heart is starting to give out due to the extreme amounts of stress she has to endure in order to keep up with everything she loves.What started off as Hee Top sex in an elevator became a lil chaptered thing. However, she soon discovers that she is part of the Nameless, a group of people with special abilities who are considered the lowest in society due to an ancient stigma. Killer Queen: a dating show not unlike The Bachelor in its format where several contestants vie for the affection of one 'bachelor' with the ultimate goal being to win his heart. Jiyong Kwon is a successful contributing editor to a very popular food magazine. :*) Still watching Local Hero..more I see your performance the bigger a fan I become!!! Is it just me or could he and Lee Joon play brothers? he's soooo awesome portraying Gwi in Scholar Who Walks The Night, the hottest villain ever... When it comes to acting I only look for 3 things : expression, voice, and unique personality . I regret watching both Golden Cross, and Valid Love. please don't hurt Lee soo hyuk oppa anymore.hurt watching him hurt everytime he in drama.... not just like any Korean leading man, your snob look really attracts me. And you are a part of YG Family too, as a model under YG Entertainment *-* OMG! Lee Soo-Hyuk was really HOT in Scholar Who Walks the Night as the "Vampire Gwi" and in Don't Look Back : The Legend of Orpheus as "Kim Soo-Hyun" and now even with this kind of role in Neighborhood Hero 9 he still does looks GREAT (",) I wish he would have a romantic-action drama with him as the lead actor, something like the Descendants of the Sun story (",) FIGHTING !!! I almost died when I saw a picture of him and Top together a while back. first time I saw Lee Soo Hyuk when he appeared in 2ne1's It Hurts MV n totally fell for him. I was wondering if someday he will get bigger role n now he really does.. :) Made me wonder if there is something wrong with me. While waiting for new episodes I started to watch "Valid love", which has an interesting plot and sometimes makes me laugh. Amazing actor, smoking body and beautiful sexy eyes. You kind of remind me of Loki in your latest drama 'Scholar who walks the night' I really hope you get a lead role soon..fighting! because to be honest all of the people that comment here I'm pretty sure that they love his way of acting as I do. I love you since white christmas, i really like your friendship with kim woo bin, hong jong hyun, bang sung joon, and kim young kwang such as best buddies in the world, wkwk. hehehehe lee soo hyuk is not only good looking but his act is daebak. Lee Si-Young too, her last two dramas had atrocious stories IMO. I look forward watching more of your martial arts too. I have watched White Christmas already and my lopppph is getting higher!

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